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Hana Miletić — Street Photography

“Hana Miletić’s camera does not record what could be referred to as spectacle (for masses). Her view does not sting; it does not set rules nor makes judgment.”

Bojan Mrđenović — Spa ⁄ Toplice

“Mrđenović takes on an active position, position of the observer. He is not interested in giving us an embellished image of reality, but aims to provide certain kind of knowledge.”


f11 edition

The F11 Edition is the answer to the lack of continuous publication on the medium of photography. These books of ⁄small⁄ format, in which, in addition to the selected works of photographers, critical—theoretical texts about contemporary photography are published. In this way, in addition to stimulating the photographic production itself, they also participate in the development of the critique and theory of contemporary photography in Croatia. The F11 is conceived as an international platform of knowledge about contemporary Croatian photography, which in this way is more significantly integrated into the international context, and because all books were published in Croatian and English language.

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