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Legends have been told and lived among the people since time immemorial. One of such legends, told by grandmother ⁄nona⁄ Lojza, has been preserved to this day.

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Slana 1930—1941

only Navy Command for the defense of whole North Adriatic was situated in Slana Bay. It provided resistance to an invasive Italian army. After withdrawal Slana was almost completely destroyed.

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⁄books by crikvenica municipal museum​


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crikvenica municipal museum

crikvenica municipal museum was opened to the public in 2008 in the old town hall building in the city center. The museum with its collections and exhibition introduces and presents the rich cultural heritage of Crikvenica and its surroundings from prehistory to modern times. All exhibits of the museum are divided into 9 collections, and here is a significant opus of the library as part. The museum is actively involved in promoting awareness of the origin, history and traditions of the Crikvenica region, and its mission is very well received among citizens. Various workshops, scientific gatherings, exhibitions and other projects are often held here. The museum also achieves its work through publishing. Most of these are catalogues of exhibitions held in the museum, and occasionally the works of external collaborators are published as independent editions dealing with topics from local history. Museum catalogues are rich and diverse. In a popular scientific way, they approach topics from the cultural heritage of Crikvenica and the surrounding area, which makes them interesting not only to visitors but also to readers who have not visited accompanying exhibition.

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