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In the focus of this edition are the art critics who followed the domestic photographic scene from the 1950s to the early 2000s and contributed their texts to understanding and…

3,00  (23,00 kn)
Kolekcija 1 — Prilog temi kolekcioniranja

The book could be defined, both formally and conceptually, as a bound mosaic since it consists of various textual and visual elements, both archival and created specifically for this occasion…

18,00  (136,00 kn)
Kako smo stanovali ⁄ How we used to inhabit

Book works on two levels. Firstly, it critically questions the ways and reasons for construction and its impact on the community and the environment. Secondly, it offers an intimate collage…

33,00  (249,00 kn)
Gore nego psetu — Svijet po mingusu

These memoirs are of the bass player extraordinaire Charles Mingus, who died in 1979, one of the essential composers in the history of jazz

20,00  (151,00 kn)
Pripadati i ne pripadati

essay and novel writer, travel writer, editor, intellectual, though most important is not in the biography: That Lovrenović is the guardian of a culture on the brink of extinction.

20,00  (151,00 kn)
Praksa teorije — Matko Meštrović & dizajn

The booklet is dedicated to the theoretical, critical and advocacy work of Matko Meštrović in the context of design in the period from the early 1960s to the present day.

10,00  (75,00 kn)
Fragmenti dizajnerske povijesti — Dokumenti Vol. 1

The book is a collection of texts, graphic and photographic materials and other documentation collected from 2009 to 2018 through a series of exhibitions and research dedicated to design heritage.

24,00  (181,00 kn)
Slana 1930—1941

only Navy Command for the defense of whole North Adriatic was situated in Slana Bay. It provided resistance to an invasive Italian army. After withdrawal Slana was almost completely destroyed.

10,00  (75,00 kn)
Nevidljivi čovjek

First published in 1952 and immediately hailed as a masterpiece, this book is one of those rare novels that have changed the shape of American literature.

20,00  (151,00 kn)
Davor Grünwald — Industrijski dizajn

The book reviews the industrial design work of Davor Grünwald from the late sixties to the mid-seventies in Croatia and from 1976 to the present day in Canada.

10,00  (75,00 kn)
Dejan Kršić — Art Is Not a Mirror, It Is a Hammer

Formally a hybrid between the design monograph, the collection of texts and the thematic publication, this book provides a brief insight into more than three decades of Dejan Kršić's work.

10,00  (75,00 kn)
Doživljena čovječnost — Sjećanja

The third volume of the "Book of Memories" which describes, preaches and contemplates the history of time, the Church, theology and religion as experienced by the author.

20,00  (151,00 kn)
Povijest eksperimentalnog filma i videa

In his superbly accepted history of experimental film, A. L. Rees tracks the movement of the film's avant-garde movement between film and modern art ⁄with postmodern code⁄.

20,00  (151,00 kn)
Umijeće sakupljanja razglednica

First complete domestic book dedicated to cartophilia — aspirations, basic terms, and ways of selecting and presenting postcards

20,00  (151,00 kn)
Željko Borčić — Dizajn, umjetnost, fotografija

The book in small format gives an overview of the most important works of this designer, contextualized by the introductory text and extensive conversation with Zeljko Borčić himself.

10,00  (75,00 kn)
Pavlova politička teologija

This highly original interpretation of Paul by the Jewish philosopher of religion Jacob Taubes was presented in a number of lectures held in Heidelberg toward the end of his life.

7,00  (53,00 kn)
Izborena sloboda — Sjećanja

Catholic theologian Hans Kung attacks again with his critical book, in which he does not spare Ratzinger.

20,00  (151,00 kn)
Austrijska filmska avangarda

Austria first and foremost gave the film arts the second, less visible, parallel history of film with a large avant—garde and experimental omen.

14,00  (105,00 kn)


Extravagant Bodies — Extravagant Age

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