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Zamrznuta glazba

Interviews with jazz musicians. Davor Hrvoj, experienced jazz connoisseur, allows us to get to know those who participate in this unique art of the moment in the right way.

20,00  (151,00 kn)
Gore nego psetu — Svijet po mingusu

These memoirs are of the bass player extraordinaire Charles Mingus, who died in 1979, one of the essential composers in the history of jazz

20,00  (151,00 kn)
Pripadati i ne pripadati

essay and novel writer, travel writer, editor, intellectual, though most important is not in the biography: That Lovrenović is the guardian of a culture on the brink of extinction.

20,00  (151,00 kn)
Zlomovina — 99 pamfleta

Sometimes a complete so-called political life can be presented as a repertoire of conflict and bloodshed over the method of worship of the official deity.

20,00  (151,00 kn)
Radnici i seljaci

Far from the spectrum of consensually legitimate public topics and problems, these stories grotesque the normalization of nationalism and the restoration of capitalism treat with poisonous, uncompromising and incomparable wit.

16,00  (121,00 kn)
Sir, vrhnje i fašizam

The book contains a selection of Heni Erceg texts written from 2008 to 2019 for the Slovenian weekly "Mladina", whose opposition independence dates back to the 1980s.

20,00  (151,00 kn)
Jazz scena

From one of England's leading historians, a classic work on jazz history.

25,00  (188,00 kn)
Robi K ⁄1—5 boxset⁄

"Bilježnica Robija K.", the cult column of Viktor Ivančić, which has been published continuously for 35 years, has been reassembled in one place in five books, on more than 2,500…

50,00  (377,00 kn)
Nevidljivi čovjek

First published in 1952 and immediately hailed as a masterpiece, this book is one of those rare novels that have changed the shape of American literature.

20,00  (151,00 kn)
Duga barbarska noć

poetry involving different experiences of history and different histories, wishing, not accidentally and unconcealed, being history itself: The history of the writer and the history of the reader.

15,00  (113,00 kn)
Rat i sjećanje

In this novel in the difficult everyday life of war, are strongly intertwined (horizontally) everyday life and (vertically) memories.

15,00  (113,00 kn)
Doživljena čovječnost — Sjećanja

The third volume of the "Book of Memories" which describes, preaches and contemplates the history of time, the Church, theology and religion as experienced by the author.

24,00  (181,00 kn)
Umijeće sakupljanja razglednica

First complete domestic book dedicated to cartophilia — aspirations, basic terms, and ways of selecting and presenting postcards

24,00  (181,00 kn)
Čovjek nije sam

Profound, beautifully written examination of the ingredients of piety: how man senses God's presence, explores it, accepts it, and builds life upon it.

15,00  (113,00 kn)
Pavlova politička teologija

This highly original interpretation of Paul by the Jewish philosopher of religion Jacob Taubes was presented in a number of lectures held in Heidelberg toward the end of his life.

15,00  (113,00 kn)
Izborena sloboda — Sjećanja

Catholic theologian Hans Kung attacks again with his critical book, in which he does not spare Ratzinger.

24,00  (181,00 kn)

ex libris

antikvarijat ⁄ izdavač
antique book store ⁄ publisher

ex libris is the iconic site of the city of Rijeka literary scene.

As part of the Year of Reading 2021, the Ministry of Culture and Media awarded ex libris for the best antique bookstores in Croatia, with the following explanation of the jury: “A well-known place with the old-fashioned and luxurious interior, the temple of a book in the city of Rijeka, and its owner Zeljko Međimorec, is a small literary encyclopedia that lives for books. Ex libris is the cultural site of the Rijeka literary scene… This place with a soul, the living room of the lovers of the book, is definitely distinguished by each criterion for the award.”

Ex libris also has a year long publishing tradition, with books designed by damir bralic and lana grahek duo, both renowned designers of theirs generations, with multiple design exhibitions and awards for book design.



Extravagant Bodies — Extravagant Age

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