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Marko Ercegović — l.p,

The monograph collects a series of photographs taken between 2006 and 2016, in some of the numerous business and office premises belonging to the domestic bureaucratic and administrative system.

Dejan Dragosavac Ruta — Čitaj dizajn!

Publication of the same magazine design exhibition at the ⁄CDA⁄ Gallery, redesigned and updated on the basis of the previous edition of the Library of Case Studies.

Galerija Močvara 11—12—13

The book is an overview of the first three years of Močvara Gallery in Zagreb under the programme direction of Kontejner curators.

Device_art 5.015

Accompanying publication of the 5th edition of Device_art festival presents artists working with the device as an artistic medium, with emphasis on sound art.

Device_art 4.012

Publication accompanying the 4th edition of Device_art festival. Contains essays contextualising art scenes dealing with the field of art and technology, with an emphasis on the robotics in contemporary art.

Device_art 3.009

Publication accompanying the third edition of the Device_art Festival and presents authors who use devices as artistic medium. also contains essays of founders and theorists of Japanese Device art project.

Device_art 2.006

Publication accompanying the second Device_art Festival includes exhibition and performances catalogue of American, Slovenian, Serbian and Croatian artists working in the field of device technology, machines and robotic art.

Touch Me — Intelligence Ab/Use & OutInOpen Project

accompanying publication of the first international Touch Me Festival from 2005, presenting contemporary art production at the intersection of science and technology and on the topic of abuse of information…

Touch Me ⁄bundle⁄

6 book bundle ⁄ touch me festival deals with interconnections between art and science through themes that inspire contemporary artists and scientists in the field of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics.

Extravagant Bodies ⁄bundle⁄

7 book bundle ⁄ extravagant bodies ⁄ international art festival that deals with social demarcations of normal and pathological, be they concerned with corporeality, appearance, behavior, sexuality or life style.

Device_art ⁄bundle⁄

7 book bundle ⁄ device_art is an international festival dealing with technological devices, machines and robotics in contemporary art.


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