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Kako smo stanovali ⁄ How we used to inhabit

Book works on two levels. Firstly, it critically questions the ways and reasons for construction and its impact on the community and the environment. Secondly, it offers an intimate collage…

Resistance Persistence

Ben Cain's book focuses on art as an activity that might be unannounced, might be clandestine, might be private, and nevertheless takes place in shared spaces.

a punch in the eye

These letters, which are not exactly letters, but rather objects of art, will evidently cause trouble to the postal service of every country they pass through.

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art without place

While the Covid-19 pandemic spreads all over the world, the ban of public gatherings has drastic consequences to many occupations including arts and culture.

Eppur si muove

Special flipbook uses 100 stills from a scene which artist Sanja Iveković shot long time ago at home and which, in the meantime, she used in her video monument ⁄Lighthouse⁄.

365 routines

a yearlong choreography composed of a daily exchange of short dance videos alternately shared between visual artist Nina Kurtela and choreographer Hana Erdman.


Miletić has been collecting cards from cars’ windscreens in Brussels. She has been fascinated by their quantity and diversity, but also by their established visual communication.

Sea of People

The text is comprised out of a collection of stories, fact and⁄or fiction, related to migration, the movement of people between places, and the movement of the sea.



Artists’ Books Edition focuses on collaboration with exciting artists from around the globe delivering artists’ books that fuse contemporary art practice, graphic design and publishing.

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