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But I am Alive ⁄ Matija & Mauricio Ferlin

Catalog of the exhibition  by Matija and Mauricio Ferlin, through which the Republic of Croatia presented itself at the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space in 2023.

Kolekcija 1 — Prilog temi kolekcioniranja

The book could be defined, both formally and conceptually, as a bound mosaic since it consists of various textual and visual elements, both archival and created specifically for this occasion…

Kako smo stanovali ⁄ How we used to inhabit

Book works on two levels. Firstly, it critically questions the ways and reasons for construction and its impact on the community and the environment. Secondly, it offers an intimate collage…

Resistance Persistence

Ben Cain's book focuses on art as an activity that might be unannounced, might be clandestine, might be private, and nevertheless takes place in shared spaces.

Device_art 7.021

publication consists of curatorial texts and a catalogue of two exhibitions of the festival which took place from 23⁄11—19⁄12⁄2021 in Zagreb and Split.

a punch in the eye

These letters, which are not exactly letters, but rather objects of art, will evidently cause trouble to the postal service of every country they pass through.

Out of Stock
Time To Listen, Space To Experiment

publication concludes the Re-Imagine Europe project, in which 10 cultural organisations collaborated to stimulate both artistic production and audience development.

Vježbanje nemogućeg

series of interviews with ⁄BADco⁄ members, the monograph presents the poetry of the group, aesthetic choices and their positioning in the context of the Croatian artistic and cultural independent scene.

art without place

While the Covid-19 pandemic spreads all over the world, the ban of public gatherings has drastic consequences to many occupations including arts and culture.

Eppur si muove

Special flipbook uses 100 stills from a scene which artist Sanja Iveković shot long time ago at home and which, in the meantime, she used in her video monument ⁄Lighthouse⁄.

365 routines

a yearlong choreography composed of a daily exchange of short dance videos alternately shared between visual artist Nina Kurtela and choreographer Hana Erdman.

Touch Me 2020

The Touch Me 2020 publication features curatorial texts and a catalogue of two international exhibitions, as well as the festival’s film and performance programme.


Miletić has been collecting cards from cars’ windscreens in Brussels. She has been fascinated by their quantity and diversity, but also by their established visual communication.

Sea of People

The text is comprised out of a collection of stories, fact and⁄or fiction, related to migration, the movement of people between places, and the movement of the sea.

Galerija Močvara 11—12—13

The book is an overview of the first three years of Močvara Gallery in Zagreb under the programme direction of Kontejner curators.

Device_art 5.015

Accompanying publication of the 5th edition of Device_art festival presents artists working with the device as an artistic medium, with emphasis on sound art.

Device_art 4.012

Publication accompanying the 4th edition of Device_art festival. Contains essays contextualising art scenes dealing with the field of art and technology, with an emphasis on the robotics in contemporary art.

Device_art 3.009

Publication accompanying the third edition of the Device_art Festival and presents authors who use devices as artistic medium. also contains essays of founders and theorists of Japanese Device art project.

Device_art 2.006

Publication accompanying the second Device_art Festival includes exhibition and performances catalogue of American, Slovenian, Serbian and Croatian artists working in the field of device technology, machines and robotic art.

Touch Me — Intelligence Ab/Use & OutInOpen Project

accompanying publication of the first international Touch Me Festival from 2005, presenting contemporary art production at the intersection of science and technology and on the topic of abuse of information…

Touch Me ⁄bundle⁄

6 book bundle ⁄ touch me festival deals with interconnections between art and science through themes that inspire contemporary artists and scientists in the field of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics.

Extravagant Bodies ⁄bundle⁄

7 book bundle ⁄ extravagant bodies ⁄ international art festival that deals with social demarcations of normal and pathological, be they concerned with corporeality, appearance, behavior, sexuality or life style.

Device_art ⁄bundle⁄

7 book bundle ⁄ device_art is an international festival dealing with technological devices, machines and robotics in contemporary art.


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