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In the focus of this edition are the art critics who followed the domestic photographic scene from the 1950s to the early 2000s and contributed their texts to understanding and…

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In this edition of fototxt, art historian and theorist Leonida Kovač writes about the collages of Nada Vrkljan-Križić, while art critic Darko Šimičić writes about those of Inka Švertasek.

fototxt ⁄4⁄

Four generations of photographers — Masha Bajc, Ana Opalić Ivan ica Privora Kurtel, Jadranka Fatur, Daniela Lushin, Erika Šmider and Slavka Pavic — were presented in this issue.

fototxt ⁄3⁄

The third issue of Fototxt is dedicated in its entirety to the avant—garde exhibition "Phony Smile. Language of photographic interpretation and aesthetic speculation".

fototxt ⁄2⁄

FOTOTXT’s second issue introduces the works of four artists — Sandro Đukić, Peggy Buth, Ivan Petrović and Božena Končić Badurina

fototxt ⁄1⁄

under common theme of “our history” — three artistic poetics are assembled, three authors that the media of photography uses to refer to the often invisible mechanisms, “politics of sight”.

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⁄fototxt magazine collection


fototxt is a periodical publication that collects textual and visual material with the task of researching, interpreting and contextualizing artistic works in the photography media. In doing so, the media itself is seen as a “social practice — active and not at all innocent, as it changes our perception and affects our understanding of the relationship ”.

The shaping of the magazine’s visual identity derives from the title itself, reminiscing the camera lens with its design and typographic solution. Holes cut through the pages emphasize the main motif ⁄connection of image—photo and word—text⁄ where the images frame the text-filled pages in the background, and vice versa the text frames the photo. The design of the cover is defined by the fixed central position of the hole on the cover, which frames only a part of the main motif, that is printed in full format on the cover of the magazine.

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