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Kolekcija 1 — Prilog temi kolekcioniranja

The book could be defined, both formally and conceptually, as a bound mosaic since it consists of various textual and visual elements, both archival and created specifically for this occasion…

Jedan dan u životu foke Marisol

As Marisol the seal enters the department store "Nama", her presence and ability to speak human language leave everyone in shock, except for one boy.

Kako smo stanovali ⁄ How we used to inhabit

Book works on two levels. Firstly, it critically questions the ways and reasons for construction and its impact on the community and the environment. Secondly, it offers an intimate collage…

Kućni duhovi

The Household Spirits , the picture book for children and adults, is a collection of little, witty stories about small, invisible creatures that live in houses.

art without place

While the Covid-19 pandemic spreads all over the world, the ban of public gatherings has drastic consequences to many occupations including arts and culture.

Novogodišnje prase

The story advocates empathy, solidarity and friendship. The charm of the story lies in it’s traditional narrative elements and in the simplicity of it’s ethical message.

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