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Praksa teorije — Matko Meštrović & dizajn

The booklet is dedicated to the theoretical, critical and advocacy work of Matko Meštrović in the context of design in the period from the early 1960s to the present day.

10,00  (75,00 kn)
Fragmenti dizajnerske povijesti — Dokumenti Vol. 1

The book is a collection of texts, graphic and photographic materials and other documentation collected from 2009 to 2018 through a series of exhibitions and research dedicated to design heritage.

24,00  (181,00 kn)
Davor Grünwald — Industrijski dizajn

The book reviews the industrial design work of Davor Grünwald from the late sixties to the mid-seventies in Croatia and from 1976 to the present day in Canada.

10,00  (75,00 kn)
Dejan Kršić — Art Is Not a Mirror, It Is a Hammer

Formally a hybrid between the design monograph, the collection of texts and the thematic publication, this book provides a brief insight into more than three decades of Dejan Kršić's work.

10,00  (75,00 kn)
Speculative ⁄ Spekulativnost

An extended version of ⁄Introduction to Prospective Design Practice⁄, created in connection with the exhibition of Croatian speculative design and art under the framework of 21. Milan triennale.

10,00  (75,00 kn)
Dejan Dragosavac Ruta — Čitaj dizajn!

Publication of the same magazine design exhibition at the ⁄CDA⁄ Gallery, redesigned and updated on the basis of the previous edition of the Library of Case Studies.

3,00  (23,00 kn)
Željko Borčić — Dizajn, umjetnost, fotografija

The book in small format gives an overview of the most important works of this designer, contextualized by the introductory text and extensive conversation with Zeljko Borčić himself.

10,00  (75,00 kn)
Intangible ⁄ Neopipljivo

in connection with the Prague quadriennial of scenery and stage space contains texts on the presented artists, and on the problem of stage space in the context of stage art.

10,00  (75,00 kn)


Hrvatsko dizajnersko društvo
Croatian Designers Association

Croatian Designers Association ⁄CDA⁄ is a non-governmental, non-profit and voluntary trade organization, founded in 1983 under the name Association of Croatian Designers ⁄ACD⁄. It promotes its members’ common social and trade interests, and systematically creates better social conditions for people working in design. The goals of the ⁄CDA⁄ are improvement and affirmation of the designers’ work in Croatia, representing interests and status of both the trade and the members of the association. ⁄CDA⁄ nurtures affirmation of the concept, importance and value of design in Croatia, and acts with the goal of establishing general rules of design as a trade that are relevant both on the market and as a social phenomenon, while encouraging its members’ professional responsibility, continuous skill development and creative and innovative thinking. That is why ⁄CDA⁄ hosts exhibitions and lectures and encourages professional valorization of design. The members of ⁄CDA⁄ work in the fields of graphic design, product design, electronic media design, typography, photography, illustration, modern design, design theory and education in design. ⁄CDA⁄ organizes conferences and thematic gatherings, workshops, exhibitions, designer gatherings, while also encouraging international collaborations and giving professional assistance to its members, protecting moral and material rights of the members and advocating for continuous education, research work and nurturing an ethical approach to the trade.


Extravagant Bodies — Extravagant Age

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